Chances are, you landed here because you’re experiencing growing pains? Maybe …

  • Cashflow challenges?
  • Compliance issues with your banker?
  • Difficulty financing growth?
  • Revenue growth outpacing profitability?

CFO Source brings the financial clarity that helps you make the right strategic decisions to succeed in your next stage of growth.

You won’t find us pushing your business through the filter of finance or accounting. Instead, our goal is to align the finance function so as to support your business and your daily operations.

We work on your schedule

We’re there for you – responsive. It’s all part of our belief that our job is to fit accounting and finance activities into your business objectives, not the other way around.

Up-close and personal

We take the time to understand your business.

We do not see our job as coming in to provide an isolated accounting function. We do see our role as providing the best possible financial advice and tools possible, based on an earned understanding of your business, your challenges, and your market and industry.

Focus on results

We care about your business results! To help you make better, more profitable business decisions, we:

  • Provide more meaningful analysis, more helpful reporting, & more useful forecasting
  • Create re-usable tools to help you manage your business better
  • Implement tactics to free up your cash flow – and decrease your stress

Clarity clarity clarity!

You’ve seen financial reports that haze before your eyes into a blur of meaningless numbers. True, the answers are there – but you can’t find them!

We highlight and draw to your attention the one or two figures that are important to your business right now. We show you why they’re important, and how you can use them to make better decisions that build your business.

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