Cashflow making you crazy?

You heard it hear first, most small businesses are failing Cashflow 101.

Yet managing cashflow is critical to business success. In fact, more businesses fail from cashflow problems than from lack of profitability.

CFO Source can:

  • Identify the sources of your cashflow problems
  • Build a cash flow forecaster, to help you see the impact of business decisions in advance
  • Review and revise credit / collection terms, to accelerate cash inflow
  • Assess payments to vendors and suppliers, to preserve cash
  • Talk to and work with your bank so as to minimize the downside of late payments
  • Obtain additional working capital


Yes. You can be more profitable

Sales are surging … but your profitability isn’t keeping pace?

Every year, we guide many businesses to a better bottom line. That path to higher profitability goes through information – the information you need to make better business decisions.

CFO Source can:

  • Analyze profitability by product and service
  • Review pricing strategy and competitive benchmarks
  • Perform a detailed cost review to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Identify and track Key Performance Indicators to improve processes and operational efficiency
  • Review sales / distribution channels – assess if additional opportunities are feasible
  • Research potential grants and tax credits


It’s time to build internal controls

Congratulations! Your business has grown to the point where you are no longer controlling every transaction.

Now you need to build internal controls and processes that allow you to manage the business without being involved in every detail. We’ll help you build a framework that:

  • Reduces risk of errors
  • Reduces risk of theft or fraud
  • Has checks and balances, so critical operational processes work effectively
  • Builds in approval processes

A heads-up – if you suspect it might be time for internal controls, the time is now! Most owners wait too long, and the fall-out can be painful.


Better decisions through better reporting

Do you know how well your staff and departments are performing? Or how much profitability each of your products, services or customers contribute?

With better reporting, you make better business decisions, driving significant improvements to business health and profitability.

Which reports do you need?

  • Performance compared to budget and/or prior years
  • Determining and measuring the KPIs (key performance indicators) that drive your business
  • Sales funnel and sales conversion rates
  • Profitability by product / services / project / customer
  • Fixed vs. variable costs
  • Identifying and analyzing trends within your business and your markets
  • Forecasts: sales /  expense / cashflow


Strategic, business and financial planning

Does your business have a strategic plan? A roadmap to guide your business?

Studies show that businesses that create a strategic plan are more successful and profitable than those that don’t. A strategic plan helps to set direction, guide decision making and align everyone to the same goals.

Talk to us about how we can help you with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  •  Financial models and projections
  • Budgeting and associated financial reporting


Funding and banking relationships

Finding funding – dealing with creditors and bankers – it’s never the easiest or most enjoyable part of being a business owner. In fact it’s often confusing and intimidating.

CFO Source helps you to understand your funding alternatives and choose the most appropriate – based on funding needs, business stage, and plans for the funds. We also help you navigate the challenging process of preparing the financial information you are asked for.

Ask us for help with:

  • Preparation of financial projections and related documents
  • Valuation of your business
  • Quantification of your financing needs
  • Access to our network of banking and investor relationships


Product or service costing

Do you know how much it costs to produce or deliver your product or service? If so, you’re in the minority. Many businesses sell their products or services at a loss, because they lack a real understanding of the true product or service cost.

We can provide you with a clear picture of your true costs and associated profitability. Armed with this critical information, you can increase profitability through pricing adjustments, cost reduction, and/or process improvements.

Talk to us about:

  • Accurate, informed product or service costing
  • Profitability by project
  • Profitability by customer
  • Identification of fixed vs. variable costs
  • Break-even points


Optimizing financial processes and functions

Are your accounting processes and systems not working the way they should?

Is your financial information unreliable?

Have you paid vendors twice for the same invoice?

We can implement efficient financial and business processes including:

  • Purchase to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Record to report
  • Budgeting
  • Capital planning


Investment appraisal

Do you plan to make significant investments in equipment, facilities or other major assets?

We can assist you with these major decisions that will have a significant impact on your business. We will work with you to compile the qualitative and quantitative analysis for acquisition and replacement of assets while also advising and training management on key financial concepts such as net present value, discounted cash flows and payback period.

  • Investment appraisal models to assess value of alternative investment alternatives
  • Risk considerations
  • Cashflow considerations


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